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I consult, train and provide advisory services in a number of areas; Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Project Management of large and complex IT projects, Cybersecurity Policy, and as an Expert Witness when projects have gone into litigation or require ADR.

I am writing to bridge the gap between business and technology. I want to provide the tools that senior executives need in order to have informed discussions with their tech leads in crucial areas;

  • Cybersecurity (published and available)

  • Artificial Intelligence Policy (working on it)

  • Project Management (coming)

  • Procurement and Probity (a bit further out)

With more than 45 years in information technology, I have done everything and seen everything. I have built on my professional experience with extensive research and education. I have domain expertise in telecommunications, public sector and education. I have technology expertise in cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS).


Books & Consulting

The focus of my work is to provide a clear and concise bridge between senior executives and tech leaders. I "translate" between business and technology. I do this through multiple channels: I consult and advise organisations on tech issues, I teach and run workshops, and I write.


As a leader, it is not your job to be the tech expert or to have deep technical knowledge. It is your job to understand the impact and consequence of cybersecurity, privacy and AI, and your role in establishing appropriate policy and ensuring governance and oversight.


Artificial Intelligence

As a business leader you are responsible for governance and oversight of AI - either for the technologies that you use in your enterprise or products and services that you might offer to your customers that utilise AI. Our new book sets out AI Policy Guidelines that you need to understand.

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Project Management

Large-scale IT projects often fail, and budgets get blown up all the time. Despite new methods (eg: Agile), the rate of failure for an IT Project is between 65% (small) to 98% (large) with massive costs and consequences. What are you doing to be the 2% that succeed?


Need Help?

  • When you are starting a project and need to plan properly to avoid problems later, this might cover; strategy, architecture, business case, procurement or probity (a stitch in time saves nine)

  • When you hit a problem, and need an independent perspective to sort it out and get the project back on track (independent project review)

  • When things have gone from bad to worse, and you are facing litigation or dispute, I can help you sort through the mess and find you a path forward (dispute resolution and expert witness)​

  • When you need a post-implementation review to catalogue the "lessons learned"

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