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Ai Governance

Gain the knowledge and tools to effectively govern and oversee the use of artificial intelligence in your organization, ensuring compliance with emerging global regulations. Become equipped with the necessary knowledge to establish a solid foundation for managing your AI investments and apply a technology that will revolutionize how you serve your markets, manage your internal business processes, and embed your products’ capabilities.

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Unlock the power of responsible AI governance with this essential guide for business leaders.

Depending on your organization's locations and markets, you may need to comply with legislation that outlines your obligations, rights, and responsibilities. Two things, however, are clear:

  1. Every country will eventually put legislation in place to establish guardrails for using and operating artificial intelligence.

  2. If you offer your product or service in global markets, then you will be governed by the legislation of those markets, not just your home location.


This book contains four parts:

  1. Unravel the history of AI as a context to understand the current state and how AI will evolve over the next few years.

  2. Embrace the Eight Guiding Principles of AI, meticulously distilled from a comprehensive analysis of global approaches to AI governance. By adopting and adhering to these principles, your organization will be well-positioned to navigate the complex landscape of AI regulation and remain compliant across most jurisdictions.

  3. Connect ethics with AI, examining case studies and proposing an ethical framework to guide your successful deployment of AI.

  4. Implement a Conformance Assessment Checklist to establish effective AI governance and oversight practices in your organization.


This book will prepare you to put the necessary governance documents in place and work towards international AI conformance standards. Adopt clear AI principles to ensure technology and humanity progress harmoniously as we navigate this new digital era.

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