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Cybersecurity for Senior Executives

Updated: Feb 3

Every day, thousands of cyberattacks target businesses worldwide. Sooner or later, hackers will infiltrate your systems, steal data, and disrupt operations.

Have you ever sat in a meeting with your technology team, and your eyes glazed over when they started discussing cybersecurity using technology jargon that just confounded you?

As a leader, you must be equipped with essential cybersecurity insights to engage in informed discussions with the technical teams you depend on and for which you have oversight and governance.

And there is a whole lot more about cybersecurity than just technical "stuff" - there are legal considerations that your organisation must comply with, both to do business in your own country, and also to operate in global markets. These are business and strategic considerations that cannot be overshadowed by technology only concerns.

By understanding the business consequences of cybersecurity, you can make strategic decisions to guide your organisation in preparing for the inevitable.

This book is written for the manager, executive, finance leader, marketing, CEO or company director who needs to understand their role and obligations in cybersecurity. This book will give you an understanding of cyber security from your perspective. With a writing style tailored to senior management, this guide is highly recommended for executives and leaders who seek to enhance their understanding and control over cybersecurity, ensuring a comprehensive and well-informed defence against cyber threats.

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